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Academic and Athletic Alliance was started in 1995 to help student athletes pursue their goal of higher education.  The founders, Ms. Sheila Weaver, Ms. Joanne Boxley-May and Ms. Cynthia Harris came together to  shared their ideas and vision for a organization that would focus on the natural attraction that youth have for sports, recreation and athletic activities. Research shows that athletic training  teaches our youth responsibility, commitment, self-reliance and discipline. 

Today, our goal is to continue to conceptualize, design and delivery various academic and athletic programs to meet the special needs of individuals.  Young people today are fortune to have the luxury of new technologies that expand their reach across the globe.  However,  America  now understands that the youth of today are  facing a health crisis resulting from fast food diets and a lack of daily exercise,

Each year, more and more sports programs are eliminated from schools and recreation department across the country.  The opportunities for young people to explore their physical capabilities are often limited by the lack of community resources and the cost of after-school sports programs that are often only available based on the parent's ability to pay. The opportunity to learn values taught through sports such as determination, ieadership and respect for others ares often lacking as well.  

The obesity problem in America is at a critical level.  More children are being diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease than every before primarily due to poor  food choices and inactivity.  Our philosophy is simple replace inactivity with activity that will stimulates mental and physical growth.  An alliance of academics and athletics is without a doubt "a win-win combination."


618 E. Shoreline Drive
Long Beach, California 90806
Cell 678 548 4358
Objective: Identify opportunities for educational engagement with students, parents and administrators in forums that utilizes my extensive experience as a teacher, high school and college administrator, volleyball coach, and founder of youth sports organizations.
Professional Qualifications:
Present – Founder- Online Course for Student Athletes, Parents, Coaches, Administrators www.athleticscholarshipinformation.com – launching fall 2017
2013-2016 – Academic and Athletic Alliance, Factory Athletics, Columbia MD
2009 – 2013 – The University of The District of Columbia, Washington, DC
Head Women’s Volleyball Coach, Division II; Pres., Academic and Athletic Alliance nonprofit organization
2005 – 2008 – R.L. Osborne H.S., Cobb County School District Health and Chair and teacher Health and Physical Education teacher, head volleyball coach.
2004 – 2005 – The Howard School, Atlanta, Georgia. Athletic Director and Physical Education teacher lower (k-5 ) and middle school (6-8).
2002-2004 – The Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Los Angeles, CA, Physical Education teacher
2002-2000 The Archer School for Girls, Los Angeles California, Dean of Students and Physical Education teacher (5th – 8th)
1981-2001 – Sidwell Friends School, Washington, D.C. Physical Education teacher 5-8 middle and Head High School Volleyball Coach
Coordinator of Women’s Sports and Head Volleyball Coach, Union College, Schenectady, New York
Head Volleyball Coach, The State University of New York, Binghamton, New York
Founder, The Academic and Athletic Alliance – 501 (c) (3) - 1995
Washington Post Independent School Coach of the Year, Volleyball
Private School Coach of the Year Women’s Sports Foundation – Volleyball
Cover Story, American Volleyball Coaches Association
Sidwell Friends School, Washington, DC - Outstanding Teacher Award
Owner, Fitness First and Body Concern – Mobile Fitness Business
Blogger, SheLovesSports.com
B.S. E. Health and Physical Education Maryland k-12 Health and Physical Education Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa
M.A. Health and Physical Education Kent State University, Kent, Ohio
Available Upon Request
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